What about using hair soap, bleaches or dyes?

Washing the hair each day may dislodge a few active lice; the remaining lice and eggs will be unaffected (but clean). Although hair bleaches and dyes are meant for use on the scalp, they can be caustic. Data is lacking to assess the efficacy of these products against lice. Thus, use of these products in attempts to ‘treat’ lice should probably not be considered. Assertions that dandruff shampoos are effective in removing lice are probably due to the frequent misidentification of dandruff as lice and louse eggs.

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    Maria R

    About the hygiene of my hair and my body I know what to do and my hair I already use bleach thank you for the advice. I want someone that tells me what to do with all my Apartment, with the carpet that is full of eggs that jump in everywhere, my skin that even taking 3 showers a day is all sore, my clothes that I wash with Borax, but still have bugs. everyone can see bugs here. I already fill a bottle with bugs and gave to my doctor see and she told me that an entomologist will help me. Now you come to say that I have hair lice ???? I am sorry, but even in schools that I studied in my country, the children never had it.

    Thank you for your advice

    Maria Rezende

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    Customer Support


    Thanks for the great question. Bleach should never be used as a means to treat a person for lice. That would not be a wise or safe method to manage lice. 

    If you find jumping creatures in your apartment, those are not lice. Lice cannot jump. Perhaps, you're finding other kinds of insects that may jump. Fleas jump and will blood feed. If you find a jumping or biting creature, you are invited to submit that for us to evaluate. We'll examine it, and advise you on what steps you might take to manage the problem. 

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